ICA Executive Board 2018 in Vincennes - Summary

ICA Secretariat | 2 May 2018

ICA Executive Board at Vincennes, France, 20 April 2018 From left to right: Raya Hajiri, ARBICA Secretary, Dr. Hamad bin Mohammed AL-DHAWYANI - Chair of ARBICA, Guy Berthiaume - Chair of NAANICA, Vilde Ronge - Chair of SPA, Emilie Gagnet-Lleumas - Sections Chairs President and Chair of SAFT, Jeff James - President of FAN, Marianne Deraze - ICA Website and Electronic Publications Officer, Jessica Squires - Programme Officer, Anthea Seles - ICA Secretary General, Normand Charbonneau - ICA Vice-President Programme, David Fricker - ICA President, Pierre Laugeay, Host and Director of les Archives de la Défense, Henri Zuber - ICA Vice-President Finance, Philippe Bruneau - Administration and Finance Manager, Margaret Crockett - Training Programme Officer

The Executive Board meeting was hosted by the Service historique de la Défense, in Vincennes from 19 to 20 April.

EB members were welcomed by M. Pierre Laugeay, Director of the Service Historique de la Défense and the ICA President warmly thanked him for his support to ICA.

  • The Executive Board acknowledged Jean Dryden’s work on the WIPO committee and agreed to her recommendation to craft an ICA Copyright policy
  • The Secretary General started conversations with multiple organizations to encourage and develop partnerships. Discussions have started with ICCROM, the Digital Preservation Coalition, and the Research Data Alliance.
  • The Marketing and Communications Manager presented the Virtual Exhibition for the 70th Anniversary of ICA which will be inaugurated during the International Archives Day and the Interactive Map that will highlight all the events registered by the archivists. In order to support the work done in collaboration with Esther Olembé for the ICA Yaounde 2018 Conference, she asked the EB members to be relays for the search for sponsorships.
  • Following last year’s catastrophic events in the Caribbean, the Executive Board decided to create an ICA Disaster Relief Fund, on the proposition of Emilie Lleumas, Sections Chair President, and Rita Tjien Fooh, President of CARBICA, whose work during the last year has been highly praised.
  • The EB gave thoughtful insights to the Secretary General who will present the ICA Strategic Implementation Plan 2019-2023 at the Yaounde Conference.
  • The Cameroon Prime minister representative reported to the EB on the current developments of the conference. The ICA President stressed out this conference is a landmark in ICA history as it is the first one in Africa, and encouraged EB representatives to widely publicize it to their members and networks.
  • Dr. Ian Wilson, United Arab Emirates representative at the EB, reported on the Congress 2020 developments, and asked for the Branches and Sections commitment to advertise the Congress. The ICA President acknowledged the work already done by the UAE team and the Programme Commission.
  • The EB welcomed the nomination of new ICA Fellows candidates, to be endorsed by the General Assembly at the Yaoundé Conference.
  • Mr Jeff James, President of FAN by interim reported on the process he and his team have set in place to develop the central role that the Forum of National Archivists plays within ICA, following the lively discussions held in Mexico during the FAN meeting.