ICA Fellows Call for Nominations

ICA | 14 March 2023

Do you know someone who has made a significant contribution to archives at an international level? Has a member of ICA made an outstanding contribution to this organisation? Then nominate them to be recognized as an ICA Fellow. 

Being named an ICA Fellow is the most significant international distinction that can be given to a professional working in the archival and information management field. The ICA Fellows award was established to honour our members and others in the international archives community who have given distinguished service to the ICA or to the cause of archives at the international level.


Joan Boadas i Raset and David Fricker, ICA Fellow 2022, in the ICA Rome conference hosted in September 2022.

Who can nominate an ICA Fellow? 

Nominators must be either a paid-up Individual Member (student, digital or full) of ICA at the time of submitting the nomination, or a representative of an institution with an ICA membership (in good standing).   

For any questions related to the institutional membership status, please contact the ICA at members@ica.org.  

Who can be nominated as an ICA Fellow? 

ICA Fellows are professionals who have impacted the archival international community on different levels. According to the ICA Internal Regulations, the ICA Fellows are archival professionals who have contributed to the ICA and the Archival and/or Information Management Profession at the International Level, as follows: 

Outstanding Contributions to ICA 

  1. service for at a minimum of 4 years on ICA governance bodies, ICA Branches, Sections, Committees, Working Groups, the Programme Commission or FIDA, 
  2. authoring or contributing to ICA Publications or Standards, 
  3. participation in sessions of the CITRA, ICA Conferences, ICA Congresses or other ICA  educational opportunities as session chairs, presenters or organisers, or 
  4. advocating for ICA at a high level with International Governmental Organisations. 

 Outstanding contributions to the archival or information management profession or professional education and training with special emphasis on international involvement including but not limited to   

  1. authoring or contributing to professional archival and information management publications, 
  2. participation in archival information management educational and training opportunities as session chairs, presenters, or organisers, or  
  3. service in governance bodies of national or international archival, information management, library or museum associations or institutions or related educational institutions. 

Nominees for ICA Fellow do not have to be an ICA member. Please also note that the Fellowship cannot be awarded posthumously, and self-nominations will not be accepted. 

According to the Internal regulations, a maximum of 2 Fellows awards may be made in any one year, except in the year of a Congress, when the limit shall be four. 

Dr. Trudy Huskamp Peterson and David Fricker, ICA Fellow 2022, in the ICA Rome conference hosted in September 2022. 

Submission process 

Anyone interested in submitting a nomination should send an email to members@ica.org with the following documents attached as a PDF file: 

  • One page (1 page) supporting statement describing why the nominee deserves this honour 
  • Two brief supporting letters, no more than two (2) pages long that are specifically written for this nomination 
  • A brief bio of the candidate's professional contributions 

Nominators are responsible for ensuring that their submissions are complete. Late nominations, or incomplete nominations will not be assessed. 

We would also ask nominators to keep the nominations confidential until the final decision of the ICA Fellows Nominations Committee is communicated. 


Monday, 15 May, 2023 23:59 CET 

Benefits to be an ICA Fellow 

  • Free ICA membership for life, which includes access to the ‘members-only’ page and access to ICA hard copy and digital publications 
  • Complimentary registration for conferences and congresses 

When will the ICA Fellows be announced? 

In the ICA General Assembly scheduled for October 2023. 

Announcement of the ICA Fellow 2022 in the ICA General Assembly hosted in September 2022. 

Who reviews the Nominations received? 

The Nomination Committee reviews the nominations and recommends the final nominees for consideration by the Executive Board and the General Assembly. 

The Nomination Committee members: 

  • Ian Wilson (Chair of the committee) 
  • Simon Chu 
  • Nolda Romer-Kenepa  
  • Sarah Tyacke  
  • Carlos Serrano Vásquez (ex-officio) 

Who were the last selected ICA Fellows?

  • Dr. Ramon Alberch i Fugeras, Spain 
  • Joan Boadas i Raset, Spain 
  • Dr. Trudy Huskamp Peterson, United States 
  • Dr. Laura Millar, Canada 


Dr. Laura Millar and David Fricker, ICA Fellow 2022, in the ICA Rome conference hosted in September 2022.