ICA Invites You to Make Donations to the State Archival Service of Ukraine

Some parts of what follows were extracted from the Galt Museum and Archives website. 

As we are all aware, the situation in Ukraine is dire and our Ukrainian colleagues need support to cope with the consequences of the Russian invasion of their country. Some colleagues, especially those living in neighbouring countries, have stepped forward to support the Ukrainian archival community. Geographically distant from Ukraine, Canada, which has the third largest number of people of Ukrainian origin after Ukraine and Russia, is doing its part.  

The Galt Museum and Archives, a renowned organisation based in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, is a good example. It has a history of collaboration with the Ukrainian State Archives. In August 2021, the institutions signed a formal partnership agreement.  

Galt's archivist, Andrew Chernevych, notes that "for now, planning for the future and securing Ukraine's cultural heritage is the priority."  

The ICA supports the Galt Museum and Archives’ initiative and encourages its members to donate through Galt's direct connection to the Ukrainian State Archives. The elected officers and I believe that using an existing channel to financially support our Ukrainian colleagues is the most effective way to have a direct impact on rebuilding Ukrainian archival capacity.  

Donations can be made online through the Friends of the Galt at friends.galtmuseum.com/support-ukraine (in English only). 

David Fricker, President, International Council on Archives 

Please contact our colleague Normand Charbonneau at charbonneau@ica.org if you require further clarification on any of the above.