Introducing a new SAR Bureau

SAR | 20 March 2017

We are pleased to announce there is a new Steering Committee of the Section of Architectural Archives.

We are happy to continue the work of Esther Cruces and her team.  And this new Bureau has some familiar faces and some new ones.

First of all, our thanks to the out-going Bureau members, Nick Kingsley and Karyn Stuckey, both of the United Kingdom.

It is important for us that this SAR Bureau is composed of people from six countries (Argentina, Ireland, Italy, Namibia, Portugal and Spain); and three of the regional branches of ICA are represented (ALA, EURBICA and ESARBICA).

Bureau members who are staying on for another term, that ends at 2020, are: Yolanda Cagigas Ocejo, elected as chair, Rocio Garcia-Raez, elected as Secretary, Esther Cruces and Andreu Carrascal, all of them of Spain.

 And finally, we are pleased to introduce those who are new to the SAR Bureau: Violet Matangira of Namibia, Riccardo Domenichini of Italy, Colum O´Riordan of Ireland, Gabriela Parra of Argentina and Antonio Armando Sousa of Portugal.

We strongly welcome your comments, suggestions and ideas, in order to make a better job for our archives and records.