Join the #ICAEKS2021 Networking Sessions!

In case you missed our first networking session, “Digital preservation on a shoestring - Sharing practices”, we invite you to visit the Networking Lounge to connect and discuss relevant topics of the archival and records management sector with colleagues from all over the world! 

The Networking Sessions have a maximum capacity of 15 participants, so do not miss out on this opportunity! 

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Networking Session 2 

Join our second networking session titled "Applications and impact of Emerging Technologies on Archival Practice"! This networking session will provide participants with the opportunity to discuss and exchange about the applications and impact of emerging technologies. They will be able to talk about specific emerging technology projects they may be working on or explore views on how emerging technologies, like blockchain, the internet of things or artificial intelligence, might impact archival practices. 

Day: Tuesday, October 26th 

Time: 16.30 - 18.00 CET 

Moderator: John Sheridan, Digital Director, The National Archives UK 


Networking Session 3 

Join our third networking session titled "New Professionals"! This networking session will gather those starting in the field of archives and records management, to talk about how they could get involved in a professional network of committed professionals, and the best ways to stimulate engagement with professional communities in their own countries and around the world.   

Day: Wednesday, October 27th 

Time: 12.00 - 13.00 CET 

Moderator: Nicola Laurent, New Professionals Coordinator 


Networking Session 4 

Join our fourth networking session titled "Participatory and Inclusive Descriptive Practices"! This networking session will look at how archival descriptive practices can be more inclusive, reflecting different perspectives and contexts in which records can be perceived and valued. It will also explore how we can be more participatory in creating descriptions, looking at crowdsourcing projects. This session will enable participants to exchange ideas and perceptions on how to create more participatory and inclusive descriptions. 

Day: Wednesday, October 27th 

Time: 16.30 - 18.00 CET 

Moderator: Nelleke van Zeeland, Project coordinator at Stadsarchief Amsterdam 


Networking Session 5 

In our last networking session, the discussion will center on the topic "Vision of the 21st Century Archives"! Building on all the previous networking sessions and on the discussion that has taken place during the conference, this networking session will engage participants to consider what the archives of the future might look like. It is a horizon scanning exercise that will help us look at where the profession, as well as our institutions, might need to grow and develop. 

Day: Thursday, October 28th 

Time: 12.00 - 13.00 CET 

Moderator: Anthea Seles, Secretary General, ICA