New Professionals Programme successful applicants for 2018

The 2018 selection process for the New Professionals Programme has been completed. 59 applications from 33 countries were submitted, from which 44 were valid and have been assessed by a group of 11 PCOM members. The great majority of applications were of high quality and ranking them was a difficult task. Priority was given to passionate new professionals, who are already informed about, and sometimes involved with, the NPP network. Team spirit, commitment and focused ideas on what the NP Programme can bring them and what they can bring to the Programme are also common qualities of the successful applicants, who will attend their very first ICA Conference in Yaoundé next November:

Emma Cummings, United Kingdom
Janelle Duke, Trinidad & Tobago
Rachel Klassen, Canada
Jean-Paul Lawson, Bénin
Rachel Mihalko, United States
Abilyn Pua'ara, Solomon Islands
Korotimi Samandoulougou, Burkina Faso

ICA wishes to thank all the applicants and encourages them to engage with the NP Programme and its members in 2018, and to reapply next year.