Expert Groups

Groups of Experts on any matter of professional interest or concern may be established by the Executive Board, on the recommendation of the Programme Commission, which also sets their terms of reference. They must not exceed the terms of reference given without authorisation from the Programme Commission. They may be dissolved by decision of the Executive Board.

The chair of each Expert Group shall be appointed by the Executive Board for a specific term which may be renewed. The secretary and other members shall be appointed by the Vice President Programme in consultation with the Secretary General. The members of an Expert Group shall be members of staff in institutions which are members of ICA or shall themselves be individual members of ICA.

Membership of each group cannot exceed 10 people, selected for their proven expertise in the field.


  • Expert Groups produce and carry out a workplan, as agreed with PCOM
  • Expert Groups plan and identify projects to encourage and sponsor for PCOM endorsement or funding
  • Expert Groups take responsibility for creating and maintaining web pages aimed to provide resources on its field of expertise for ICA members
  • Expert Groups act as liaison with partners and groups external to ICA in the same field of expertise