PAAG - Chronology of Audiovisual Heritage


Resource created by: Centre de Recerca i Difusió de la Imatge (CRDI), from Girona City Hall, as a representative of ICA Photographic and Audiovisual Archives Group (PAAG)

Date Added:

27 October 2020


The chronology  of Audiovisual Heritage contributes to:

  • To provide a common and universal tool for archivists, but also for the public related to the production, management and preservation of photographic and audiovisual heritage.
  • To provide knowledge about the morphology and functioning of the materials used in the determination of photographic and audiovisual information in order to contribute to a better preservation of documents.
  • To make aware of the vulnerability of this heritage conditioned by the rapid obsolescence and degradation of the physical media.
  • To contribute to celebrate the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage (October 27) and the International Archives Day (June 9).
  • To promote the awareness and provide tools for the work of archivists in the field of photographic and audiovisual documentation.
  • To highlight the importance of the development of those technologies as a way to record the memories of the people.


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