Participate in the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage 2018!

CCAAA | 12 October 2018

2018 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage : Your Story is Moving

Every year millions of people record stories of all varieties on audiovisual media, ranging from narratives of everyday life to historic events. These moments are chronicled and stored each day on multiple formats and media, whether they are digital or analogue. How  do we ensure that this ever-growing corpus that is our cultural history today is preserved and exists in the future? And how  do we guarantee that this rapidly accumulating, collective moving story of ours is not  lost, as much of our history on these fragile media has been  over the past 150 years?

Reliably, thousands of archivists, librarians and preservationists around the world strive to make our world’s cultural heritage accessible and safeguard it for the future. In addition to their daily efforts to provide access to historic collections housed in established archives, archivists actively rescue  collections in danger of loss or destruction due to poor  climates, less than ideal storage conditions, political unrest or the economic challenges that many countries are confronted with daily.

Our stories are moving in many ways. First, they move through the very act of playing this unique material on the original equipment that transports the object as part of viewing or hearing it, whether it is motion picture film, a vinyl record, an audio cassette or a videotape.

Second, as physical objects, made of organic material, these items are constantly and naturally moving through an ongoing state of decay, are deteriorating, and moving towards inaccessibility as they travel through their own timeline. This constant deterioration serves as an even stronger argument for supporting the ongoing efforts of the world’s archivists to preserve our audio-visual heritage.

Third, in countries and institutions with resources available to digitize collections, the rate at which our stories can now  quickly move around the globe,  thanks to the newest digital communication technologies now  allows  us to share our stories faster and ever more widely to more locations around the world than ever before.

Lastly, of course, stories move us emotionally. We see this every year on Home Movie  Day, an event that provides a moment for publics around the world to bring their visual cultural heritage to archives and libraries, to view, sometimes for the first time in

decades.  As they see lost family members, loved  ones and ancestors long gone come to life on the screen, tears flow, emotions are high,  and these moments of our captured history transport us to new  heights as our histories unfold before our eyes. History too comes to life through the power of the moving image and in sound recordings which connect us personally with those events and moments in time which have shaped our memories and who  we are.

On 27 October 2018, please join us in celebrating our audio-visual heritage, and help  us acknowledge the work done every day to preserve our stories so that they will endure for future generations, by visiting and adding your own event.


Rachael  Stoeltje

Chair of the CCAAA Board


The Co-ordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations (CCAAA) is a global network of eight international nongovernmental organizations dealing with all aspects of audiovisual archiving on a professional level. Working together, they aim to promote and encourage the recognition of audiovisual images and collections as a vital part of the world’s cultural and documentary heritage, and the importance of safeguarding them for future generations.