Project on e-services for cross-border municipal archives in Estonia and Russia

The project,  which started in June 2013, aimed at elaboration and pilot implementation of procedures to deliver services through electronic channels. These services are delivered by the municipal archives, working in the border towns of Narva, Kingisepp, Slantsy, located in the North-East of Estonia and the Leningrad region of the Russian Federation.

The project  has developed prototypes of two cross-border electronic services for providing information on burials and records of employment on the other side of the border.  Those documents are most often claimed by the citizens living on both sides of the border. The process of providing the requested information to the citizens requires a large investment of time and money - the border is either crossed in person by the archivist for document delivery or sent over as registered letter. Prototypes have been tested, approved and recommended for practical implementation and further dissemination