Register for the ICA online course “Introduction to Records Management”

ICA is very pleased to launch its first online course ‘Introduction to Records Management’ The course offers a practical introduction to implementing the main elements of records management. It uses the PARBICA model policy, record plan and disposal schedule as a basis and explains how to tailor them to suit any organisation’s records management needs. Whilst the principles and concepts covered in the course are applicable to digital records, the focus is on paper-based records, particularly in the section on appraisal of non-current records.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Define the terms “good governance”, “record” and “archives” and explain how recordkeeping underpins good governance
  • Describe roles and responsibilities for recordkeeping within organisations
  • Identify prerequisite criteria for establishing recordkeeping successfully in your organisation
  • Develop a record plan for core business or operational records in your own organisation
  • Define record plans and implement a recordkeeping policy
  • Define and implement a disposal schedule
  • Define disposal schedules for Common Administrative Functions for your own organisation’s administrative records
  • Define a record plan and obtain authorisation to carry out disposal actions
  • Identify, document and use recordkeeping requirements in your own organisation

Course characteristics

  • This course is available in English and French
  • Beginner and intermediate level
  • The course has 7 sections and includes downloadable presentations, documents and videos, plus quizzes for you to test your understanding. Together these sections amount to a total of 20 to 30 hours. You have three months to complete the full course
  • Course materials can be downloaded on to computers, smartphones and tablets and require an internet connection
  • ICA will issue a certificate once the final assessment has been completed, provided all quizzes have been passed with 60% of the answers being correct

Charge for the online course:

  • for ICA members €80
  • for non-members €100

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For all your questions, please contact, Margaret Crockett, ICA Training Manager