SAHR Tuesday Talks – Gilles Manceron: Access to archives in France

ICA-SAHR invites you to our next First Tuesday Talk on February 1, 2022


Gilles Manceron, Historian specializing in French colonialism


Access to archives in France: between republican principles and the weight of the state, difficulties persist.


During the French Revolution, the right of citizens to consult public archives was proclaimed, but the various regimes which followed tended to regard them as their property and to obstruct this access. It was not until the laws of 1979 and 2008 that the time limits for consulting public archives were clarified and shortened. But the archives relating to certain sensitive periods in French history are more difficult to access. Those from 1940 to 1944 when the French authorities collaborated with the Nazi occupier were made fully accessible in 2015. But obstacles persist to consult those from the period of the wars in Indochina and Algeria.


Feb 1, 2022, 04:00 PM CET


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