Second International Seminar on Sports Archives

Date: 26 March 2020 

Location: Girona, Spain

  • Sports archives are the result of the management of the clubs, leagues, athletes, businesses, organizations, schools, etc., related to the world of sports. These are the ones who produce this documentation, this information, this collective memory.
  • Recently, there has been an apparent rise in interest in using records related to sports and an interest in its function as a type of collective memory of society.
  • This interest is driven by the utility they have in different fields of knowledge and research, such as sports medicine research or how sports relate to human rights, gender policy, architecture, history, childhood and engineering, among other disciplines.
  • Different countries have created some interesting public and private policies for preserving this sports documentation and in this way, use it in a social way, by using the information and making it accessible to the public.
  • It is within the framework of these emerging policies that the 2nd International Seminar on Sports Archives would like to contribute new ideas regarding sports document management and start a discussion on its application and benefits.
  • The 2nd Seminary on Sports Archives aims to be an inflection point for raising awareness about the transcendence and worth that sports-related archives, in its various forms, contribute to society.

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