Secretariat Permanent Team

Carlos Serrano Vásquez, Executive Director

Carlos Serrano Vásquez is a Communications and media professional, with an MA in World Heritage and 15 years of experience in cultural heritage management, both nationally and internationally. He has developed significant skills in designing and developing programmes for diverse audiences in institutions such as: the National Museum of Colombia, UNESCO and ICOM. He also has practice leading interdisciplinary teams, fundraising, and integrating new technologies into cultural projects. He is committed to collaborative work, inclusion, access to culture and social responsibility.

As the Executive Director, Carlos leads the work of the ICA Secretariat and is responsible for the implementation of the strategies and policies of the organization. In consultation with the Elected Officers, he also establishes and maintains external partnerships in line with ICA’s mission and goals.

Clémence Almeras, Website and IT Coordinator

Clémence joined ICA in October 2021 as a web and publications project assistant. She started working on multiple Secretariat projects and especially on the migration of the membership database and the ICA website. After working on the first phase of the website migration, Clémence Almeras is taking over to lead this important project for the organization. As IT and Website Coordinator, she will also be responsible for all ICA IT networks and provide essential support to key ICA projects.

Clémence completed her internship at the Secretariat as part of a Master's degree in audiovisual heritage at INA (Institut National de l'Audiovisuel), which she obtained in 2020. Her course of study brought her in-depth knowledge in the field of audiovisual archives and in project management. During her internship, she developed skills in the organization of international events for the promotion of archives and archivists, notably by participating in International Archives Week

Contact Clémence for questions related to:

  • Access to the ICA website or private workspace
  • Dissemination of information (news, events, etc.) on the website and the ICA Newsletter
  • Training for editing on the ICA website
  • Publishing an article in the monthly e-newsletter

Philippe Bruneau, Administration and Finance Manager

Philippe joined the Secretariat on 28 November 2016 as Administration and Finance Manager. In this post, Philippe prepares and controls the organization’s budget. He records payments received and ensures payments to providers and suppliers. He ensures relations with the accounting firm and the auditors. He also oversees contracts and ensures the compensation and benefits of ICA’s human resources. One of Philippe’s important roles is also to advise ICA Elected Officers on compliance with the French legislative and regulatory framework.

After completing a Master's degree in business administration, Philippe practiced management control in an industrial environment. For more than 20 years, he worked in associations in the cultural sector (Music).

Contact Philippe for questions related to:

Marianne Deraze, Programmes Manager    

Before being selected as the Programmes Manager, Marianne was responsible for the ICA website and digital publications. In this post, Marianne oversaw the development of the ICA website and trained the new web publishers nominated by the Branches, Sections and Experts Groups. She was also in charge of publishing the ICA monthly e-newsletter, and was the coordinator and editor in chief of Flash.

In her new post, Marianne is responsible for the day-to-day management and strategic oversight of the activities of the ICA that fall under the responsibility of the Vice President Programme and the ICA Programme Commission.

Marianne holds a Master’s degree in History of International Relations and a Master’s degree in Audiovisual Archives Management. Prior to joining ICA, she specialized in audiovisual and digital archives and took part in the description and online publishing of audiovisual collections of the French National Library on the BnF-Archives and Manuscripts Gallica, and Europeana, the European digital library.

Contact Marianne for questions related to:

  • General information regarding ICA programmes and conferences
  • PCOM project applications
  • ICA Expert groups

Maria Paula Garcia Mosquera, Head of Communication and Partnerships

Maria Paula joined ICA in January 2019 as the Programme Officer, and served in that role until May 2022. In her new role, Maria Paula brings her expertise and deep knowledge of professional networks developed in her previous position. As Head of Communication and Partnerships, she is responsible for defining and implementing a communications strategy for the ICA. She is also focused on partnerships, outreach and network development projects.

Her professional experience has been focused on exploring ways to create bridges between cultural heritage institutions and a broader public. This interest has taken her to work in a range of non-profit organizations and government institutions, such as the Cultural Agents Harvard Initiative; Sound Archive of Colombia’s National Public Radio; Bogotá Mayor’s Office of Culture, Recreation and Sports; and the Museums of the Central Bank of Colombia.

Contact Maria Paula for questions related to:

  • International Archives Week
  • ICA communication strategy and channels (printed, digital, social media, etc.)
  • Editorial coordination for the dissemination of information (news, events, etc.) on the ICA channels (website, newsletter, social media channels)
  • Partnership and sponsorship agreements
  • Publishing an article in Flash
  • Social media campaigns

Constance V. Vidon, Executive Coordinator

Constance V. Vidon came onboard the ICA Secretariat team in the fall of 2019 as the Administrative Coordinator, and has now become its Executive Coordinator.

So that our members can benefit from ICA members-only resources and services, Constance primarily focuses on ensuring our members keep their status and registration up-to-date. She also assists the Executive Director in matters relating to compliance with the ICA Constitution and By-Laws, elections, and the functioning of the Executive Committee and General Assembly. In addition to this, she provides logistical support to the areas of ICA publications and translations.

She has been working in both the private and the public sectors, in France and in the United States of America, for about 20 years. She holds two master’s degrees in French law. In the past, she has worked for Arianespace, Inc. in Washington DC, for the French Prime Minister in Paris, and at GE, among others. She also worked as an English to French translator and volunteered with several organizations.

Contact Constance for questions related to:


Margaret Crockett, Training Programme Manager    

Margaret started her involvement with ICA in 1996 when she became Secretary of the Section for Archival Education and Training. She served on the SAE Committee until 2008. She started volunteering in support of the CITRA Bureau in 2009 and became Deputy Secretary General in 2010 in a consultancy capacity. During this time she was responsible for the CITRA Review which established ICA’s Annual Conference open to all members and supported the work of the Programme Commission. In 2017 she became responsible for ICA’s Training Programme on a consultancy basis two days a week.

She is based in London and is responsible for ICA’s face-to-face training and the online learning platform. Working within the Professional Programme, Margaret advises on all aspects of ICA’s training and capacity building activity. In particular she manages content development and delivery for ICA’s learning management system, manages the workshop programme at ICA conferences and congresses, advises the Programme Commission and project managers on training activity across the ICA network and supports and delivers face-to-face training.

Margaret holds a history degree and a post-graduate qualification in archives and records management and worked in public, private and international organisations for twelve years before becoming an independent consultant in 1999. Margaret is author of “The No-Nonsense Guide to Archives and Recordkeeping”. She is active in the UK Archives and Records Association (ARA), serving on the Journal’s editorial board and where she was one of the first people to achieve Fellow status in the new Professional Development scheme. She mentors candidates in the scheme and also acts as a mentor to ICA New Professionals. When she is not working for ICA, Margaret undertakes archives and recordkeeping training and projects for other clients in the UK and overseas.

You can contact Margaret for matters concerning ICA’s Training Programme, including:

  • The content of online learning and face-to-face training
  • Expressions of interest in volunteering to develop training, review new courses and/or translate training materials

Joana Rizza Bagano-Nuque, Project Coordinator

Joana Rizza Bagano-Nuque is based in Norderstedt, Germany. She holds the position of Project Coordinator, where her primary responsibility is overseeing a project related to digitizing archives in conflict situations. Additionally, she supports the Programme Manager in tasks associated with the ICA Programme Commission and the ICA Congress.

In the Philippines, Joana was a Programme Officer for the UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines. She was the country's main touchpoint for the UNESCO Memory of the World (MOW) documentary heritage programme, handling nominations and grants for local archives and collections. She also worked as a Strategic Communications Specialist for the International Rice Research Institute.

She is pursuing a Master of Science in Sustainable Development from the University of Sussex and has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of the Philippines.

Renée Shroyer, Digital Communication Assistant

Renee Shroyer, based in Indiana, USA, assists the Head of Communication and Partnerships in the planning and preparation of all communications shared with ICA members and external audiences. She develops the strategy for the use of social media and monitors results. Renée works closely with the volunteer managers of the communities associated with the ICA.

Renée worked as a part-time consultant with the ICA from 2020 to 2022, and has now returned in her previous position. Since graduating from the University of Ottawa with a Master's in Public and International Affairs in 2020, she has worked a variety of contract positions including with the University of Ottawa and the Council of Canadian Archives. Prior to this, Renée spent two and a half years working in several African countries for an organization called Mercy Ships. She also has a Bachelor of Commerce, with a focus in Marketing.

Contact Renée for questions related to:

  • Social media initiatives, such as the yearly ICA social media campaign
  • For ICA volunteers and community managers, any questions around guidelines and visuals for social media channels


Constantine Douglas, Digital Communication Intern

Constantine Douglas is an intern at the International Council on Archives (ICA) in Paris, France. Having completed a bachelor's degree in International Relations at the University of Exeter (UK), he is currently undertaking a master's degree in political science at the Université Libre de Bruxelles with a specialisation in International Relations. Over the course of his studies, he has been involved in a variety of research-based projects.

As an intern for the ICA, Constantine will be contributing to a variety of projects aimed at improving communication with ICA members and the content presented on the site. He is looking forward to assisting the ICA in working towards its goals, as the international character of the organisation and its missions offers a unique opportunity to develop his professional competencies while contributing to an organisation with a critical role in the preservation of global culture.