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The InterPARES Trust European in Israel, June 2018

The InterPARES Trust European team, led by Prof. Luciana Duranti, Corinne Rogers and Hrvoje Stančić met in Israel in June 2018 for their spring work meeting. The team agreed to hold an additional one day symposium for the benefit of the local Israeli archivists so that they could learn about new ideas, research, problems and solutions in the field of Digital Records Preservation and also meet with colleagues from Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium, Catalonia, Italy, Croatia, USA and South Africa.

The symposium on Digital Records Preservation was held in Jerusalem on June 19, 2018 at the Van Leer Institute, the center for interdisciplinary study. It was hosted by the Association of Israeli Archivists (AIA) and the Israel State Archives. Participation in the InterPARES gathering in Jerusalem enabled the AIA to implement its policy of maintaining strong and meaningful relations with the international archival community.

The symposium was led by Dr. Silvia Schenkolewski-Kroll. Dr. Schenkolewski-Kroll and Dr. Assaf Tractinsky, both from Israel, have been members of the research team of the European InterPARES Trust project for the last five years.

During the symposium, the Israeli archivists were exposed to various aspects of archival work that are part of the InterPARES Trust project. They learned about new methods for maintaining trust in cloud records, such as a model and requirements for cloud preservation, or a digital signature based on the technological concept of the Blockchain. They heard how to evaluate cloud services provided today or adopt new services and how to appraise websites according to their sections, with users as a parameter, and how to preserve them as a national project. They also heard about the role of records and records management in light of citizen engagement in determining development management, and in public administration and government transparency as reflected in open data, and they learned about the difficulties the public experience when using local government social networks. Other subjects discussed included how to construct public systems alongside the management and preservation of information, and how they will serve public administration better, how to ensure the reliability of accounting records, and how metadata should be used in the cloud. Lectures

After an intensive three-day programme, the InterPARES work meetings were rounded off by a trip to the new and old parts of the city of Jerusalem, where the participants were introduced to some of the city’s many faces, historical eras and main religions.



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