Study day "Archives and territories: duo or duel?

The study day "Archives and territories: duo or duel? ", organized in the National Archives of Pierrefitte-sur-Seine March 16, 2018 now has its program. In order to examine the issue "Has it become necessary to revise the principle of territoriality to enable archivists to respond to the social transformations of the 21st century?" We arranged the following program:

After an inaugural lecture by Olivier Muth (Hauts-de-Seine DAD), a round table with Christine Martinez (Yvelines DAD), Damien Richard (Deputy Director of the Rhone AD and the Lyon Metropolitan Archives) and Isabelle Vernus (DAD Saône-et-Loire) will project into "The odyssey of the archival space" and ask what territories will make sense tomorrow for the management of archives.

At the beginning of the afternoon, various axes of reflection on the place of the territory in the renewed evaluation of the archives will be approached by the researcher Anton Perdoncin and the head of the office of the collection of the SIAF Catherine Junges.

Finally, Dorian Dallongeville and Nathacha Potéreau (Director of Heritage and Archivist of the Association French Lines) and Guillaume Nahon (Director of the Archives of Paris), will respectively address a case of highly territorialized archives but outside the framework established by archival principles .

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