Survey of archival research and researchers

This project explores the critical issue of sharing and developing knowledge of research in the discipline of archives and records management across national boundaries, as the basis of future research strategies.

Individual universities have begun to develop extensive research programmes, with successful grant-funded research, dissemination and doctoral research communities. In a few countries, there are emerging national programmes of research (for example the AERI doctoral project in the USA, the work done on the research strategy in the Netherlands, and the emerging UK educators research framework).


ICA is in the unique position of offering a focus for researchers in our discipline working internationally. However the future development of research is greatly hampered by a lack of knowledge of existing research activity: sharing of this knowledge is an essential part of the framework for building future strength in our discipline.

Working together with SAE, academics and doctoral students from three countries (Karen Anderson, Elizabeth Shepherd, and Christophe Jacobs), will build some of the essential infrastructure and facilitate future developments.