Past Projects

Ethics and Archives

The International Council on Archives Section on University and Research Institution Archives (ICA-SUV) commissioned a three-month pilot project that was centered on Ethics and Archives, and took place from January-March 2022 (see announcement here). The project provided collegial conversation and discussion, followed by a digital resource made available via the ICA-SUV website. On the theme of ethics for archivists in university and research institutions, and building upon the vibrant conversation and successful 2021 ICA-SUV conference, “Archives, Ethics and Society”, the March 2022 conversations were held in both English and Spanish and centered on concepts, practices and the language we use within three themes: Archives, Ethics and Communities; Archives, Ethics and Civil Society; and Archives and Ethics in Practice. Rosa Cisneros lead the discussions. ICA-SUV would like to acknowledge the funding support from the ICA Programme Commission for this project.

The Ethical Archives project report provides details on the work of the project and also frames the ideas that emerged from the four LabDays that took place throughout March 2022. The LabDays had a global reach where the English LabDays had presentations from colleagues from India, South Africa, and Scotland and participants joined from the UK, the USA,  Spain, Germany, Jerusalem, India, Nigeria, Canada, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Portugal, Cyprus and Greece. For the Spanish LabDay there were presentations from Colombia, Spain, Argentina and participants from Jerusalem, the UK, Portugal,  South Africa, Argentina, Spain and Colombia were in the audience. Links to recorded conversations, details on responses from Padlets and also the feedback from participants are included in this document. 

Project resources:


Who's Who in Archives Globally

Who's Who in Archives Globally provides short biographies of individuals who have substantially advanced the archival field in theoretical and practical ways across the globe. These biographies include a short list of primary and/or secondary literature for each practitioner should you want to learn more about them.