Thank you for joining us for our first virtual conference #ICAEKS2021!

We have come to the end of our first virtual conference, Empowering Knowledge Societies, which took place the week of October 25th 2021. This event was an opportunity for people in the profession from all over the world to share innovative ideas and research on the changes, practices, and actions in the archives and records management fields.   

This virtual conference consisted of 6 live sessions, 10 pre-recorded sessions, 5 networking sessions and 2 keynote presentations. We heard from 60 different speakers about their projects and research initiatives designed and implemented in different parts of the world.  We also had the chance to engage in stimulating conversations about digital preservation, emerging technologies, descriptive practices, and the future of the profession in the networking space. Thank you to all our chairs, networking moderators, speakers and participants! 

If you missed some of the presentations, and you were registered to Conference, you will have the opportunity to watch all of the sessions on the Delegate Connect platform. All of the presentations will be available until October 2022. 

Alternatively, if you did not have the chance to register and attend the Conference between October 25th and 28th, and you are interested in watching the presentations, you can sign up and have access to all of the presentation recordings. Click here for more information about this option. 

During #ICAEKS2021, we aimed to bring together professionals of the archival and records management sector, and from other connected sectors to explore and expand the critical role played by archives and records professionals in 21st century knowledge societies.  

We hope you have enjoyed the great conversations that were ignited in the 16 scheduled sessions and that you can continue the conversation around increasing the visibility of archives and records management with the mission of empowering knowledge societies. 

See you in Rome in 2022! 

The ICA Team