The Archives and Records are Accessible

MORI Building Digital Art Museum: teamLab Borderless, Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan, Photo by Fabrizio Chiagano on Unsplash

At ICA we think it is an important time to tell people from all over the world, not just our community, that archives continue to be accessible even though in some cases the physical buildings may be shuttered. Also, that records services continue to operate to facilitate business and government operations.

The vital role of archives and records services cannot be underestimated in these challenging times. Without archives, archivists and records managers, businesses, civil society, government and other international organisations could not operate. How do you make a decision, provide health care services or keep economies moving without accurate information and data? That’s where we- archivists, records managers and information managers- come into play. We are vital to keeping businesses and government moving, even though we may be working from home. We are also adapting to new realities and service delivery models, not without difficulty, but still responding to the needs of ensuring the governance of public and private organisations: Trying to work in distributed digital environments, while ensuring that employees and decision-makers can continue to access records and data to keep things moving.


To enable the archives and records community to tell ICA what they are doing and what is accessible, we have developed a digital map where you can share information about an online exhibition, digital catalogue, specific digital collections or a crowd-sourcing project that people can do while they are #StayHome.


To register your institution, please fill in the online questionnaire below - The information about your institution will appear on the map in an hour:
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