*Updated* Displaced Archives and Shared Archival Heritage: A Bibliography

The Expert Group on Shared Archival Heritage (EGSAH) was established by the ICA at its Congress in Seoul in September 2016 and it provides a forum for discussion and ultimately the resolution of issues related to archives pertaining to the history and cultural heritage of more than one community, country or region where custody, ownership and access is unclear or in dispute.

EGSAH members agreed to compile a bibliography focusing on displaced (or migrated) archives; formal and informal claims by governments and by archivists, historians and other professional groups for the return of disputed archival collections or the free provision of digital copies, together with examples of bilateral solutions.

This bibliography was originally published in December 2020. However, it is a ‘work in progress’ which is added to as further titles are identified. As such, the bibliography was updated in October 2021 with 65 new items so it now contains 283 items on shared archival heritage. These additions are contributions from members of ICA.

The bibliography as it stands has been put together by EGSAH members and their contacts, co-ordinated by Dr. Mandy Banton. We are particularly grateful for the work done by Frank Jarman and Leila Ratcliff, MA students in the Centre for Archive Studies at the University of Liverpool, who were introduced to us by Dr. James Lowry.

EGSAH will be grateful for notification of additional books, articles and other relevant material. Please contact programme@ica.org for any addition you would like to make.

Follow this link to access the bibliography