Waiting for #ICARoma2022: Lightning Talks Series

ICA is pleased to share this new lightning talks series ‘Waiting for #ICARoma2022’, which is being organised by our co-hosts SOS Archivi. The lightning talks will highlight experiences of Italian archival and records colleagues, in anticipation of our 2022 ICA Conference in Rome. This is a really exciting opportunity for our membership to get to know Italian experts and topics close to their heart, which in turn we hope will encourage you to join us next year.  

The lightning talks will take place every Tuesday between 17:00-18:30 CET and will run from March 9 2021- 29 June 2021 and will return in September 2021 below you will find information of the talks by month: 


9 March - The new Vertical Technical Rule: applications for cultural heritage. The speakers are Fire Brigade engineers with extensive experience in archives and museums. The topic of the talk will be exploring the new Italian law that lays down new rules for fire protection in cultural heritage institutions. 

23 March - Good practices for securing diocesan archives. This talk is co-organised with the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) and will focus on the role of diocesan archives which are being impacted with the reduction of clergy, meaning diocesan archivists are facing challenges when it comes to the conservation and safeguarding of small parish archives. 


13 April - Microclimatic conditions and air quality in archives. The monitoring and control of ambient air quality normally takes place outdoors, but even within the environments designated for the conservation of archival assets there may be sources of concern for pollution or, due to inefficient air circulation systems, pollutants can penetrate from the outside and accumulate. 

27 April Archive common good: the relationship with communities and proposals for enhancement of the value. The documentation preserved in the ecclesiastical, diocesan and parish archives in particular, is inextricably intertwined with the history of people and communities and places inhabited and built around them. Every action, whether linked to initiatives of knowledge, protection or valorization can only be the concerted expression of a people and its territory. Let’s try to tell some experiences. 


11 May - Corporate culture in archives: sustainability, digitalization and training role. What is the social impact of memory loss? And why is it essential to preserve and enhance business archives? Through the archives, training courses are built and the ability to build and create is preserved. For some time now, the archives have also faced two central issues regarding the future: digitalisation and sustainability. 

25 May - Preserving sounds and voices: archives as a place for identity.  Audiovisual heritage represents an inestimable treasure, which has been and is fundamental for the construction of individual and social identities, for the cultural formation of people, for the collective memory of peoples. Radio and television recordings, oral testimonies that speak of the past and question the present, that explain, intrigue, teach, amuse or entertain.


7 June Reducing disaster risk in digital archives. This webinar will focus on preventing and reducing risks threatening digital archival holdings. In particular, it will address risk drivers and decision-making for risk reduction. 

The talks will be in Italian, with English subtitling and the hashtag for the event is: #w4ica2022. For more information about the speakers and upcoming talks, please check: www.sosarchivi.it/w4ica2022 

We look forward to seeing you!