Film can be such a powerful way of communicating, and for the second time, SPA decided to have a Film Festival to celebrate our profession and asked the world to send us their films on archives and records management so that we all could be inspired on how to communicate even better!
Professional associations that we in SPA represent, are crucial for the promotion of archives and records management. That’s why we encouraged you to produce films about the impact of our jobs. We sent out a call in October last year to professionals across the globe, in search of films which communicate the importance and relevance of records and archives. Within the deadline we received 58 entries which met the required qualifications.
The jury – the SPA board members – reviewed all entries and decided on twelve nominees in four different categories:
Best Film explaining the relevance and importance of Archives and Records Management
Best Film portraying the relevance and Importance of Archives and Records Management
Best Film using Humor to Communicate about Archives and Records Management
Best Film Made by Students
The jury also decided on the four winners. In addition, we have a fifth category: the open people’s award, that anyone and everyone could vote for. The online voting amongst the 12 nominees was open from August 18 and up until Wednesday October 23. During that timeframe, we received 15295 votes from 15295 individual voters, an amazingly high number!
Here are the nominees and the winners:
Best Film explaining the relevance and importance of Archives and Records Management.
The nominees are:
1. The Fifth Branch Company of CCCC Second Harbour Engineering Co. Ltd. (China)
2. Escuela Superior de Archivística y Gestión de Documentos (Catalonia)
3. Scottish Council on Archives (Scotland)
And the winner is:
Scottish Council on Archives, Scotland
This is what the Jury says about the winner:
The film is titled Why Archives Matter and the storyline certainly explains that very well. It is an informative overview of how archives are important for people today. Interviews and historical images and footage are integrated very well in the film. We are given lots of information throughout the entire film, but it’s all linked up to today and there’s never a dull moment. Although it is about Scottish archives, we are sure that everyone can adopt the message and show the film in his/her own country, it does show in a beautiful way how archives are important to individuals but also collectively how important they are to a nation.