During this year’s International Archives Week, one of the themes explored was the impact of climate change on archives and the impact of archives on climate change. We worked with our partners ICOMOS and IFLA to develop an interactive and informative webinar on the topic entitled ‘Climate Change and Cultural Heritage: A call to action!’ During that webinar ICA was invited to join the Climate Heritage Network and on September 1 2020, ICA officially became a member of the network.

We are looking forward to engaging with our partners across the cultural heritage sector and in particular the archival community to advocate for the protection of documentary heritage and its importance in helping track climate change impacts. We will also as a community need to consider how to limit our impact, as a profession, on climate change and begin considering more ecologically sound archival buildings and digital preservation infrastructures moving forward.

I’m really pleased to announce this new partnership and I hope the community will share their expertise and needs in this area.