After a long wait, we’re excited to be gathering in Abu Dhabi with all of you for the ICA Congress 2023! For all the ICA members participating in this event, we have prepared a schedule for you where you will find the dates, the times and the places where the ICA Governance Meetings and the ICA Group Meetings are taking place during this event. Check the Downloads section to find the latest version of this schedule.  
If you don’t see your ICA Expert Group, Regional Branches, or Professional Section listed in this schedule, please contact the Chair of your ICA group directly. 
Want to know more about the ICA Governance Meetings? 
ICA governance is in the hands of two main bodies: the General Assembly (GA) is the highest decision-making body in the ICA, which decides on the long-term strategic direction for the organisation as well as oversees its management. In between GAs, responsibility for managing ICA’s operations lies with the Executive Board (EB), which implements the GA decisions and, if necessary, proposes adjustments to the strategic direction. 
In regard to ICA’s technical and professional programme, it is the Programme Commission (PCOM) which is the body in charge of overseeing and supporting the organisation’s professional activities, including the workplans of ICA Expert Groups (such as the development of tools and standards, management of projects, etc.) and the programme for the ICA Conferences and Congresses. 
These two ICA governing committees usually meet twice a year: one session in the first semester of the year, usually taking place in April/May, and a second session which takes place either before the ICA Conference or Congress or in October/November of the given year. 
For more details about these governing committees, please contact us at or