2017 ALA-ICA Conference, Mexico City
The International Council on Archives (ICA), Association of Latin American Archivists (ALA) and the ICA New Professionals Programme (NPP) invite new professionals from Latin America to participate in the Latin American New Professionals Poster Contest, to be presented at the 2017 ALA-ICA Conference Archives, Citizenship and Interculturalism in Mexico City on November 27-29, 2017.
From those submitted during the application period, 20 posters will be chosen and displayed at the Conference. Presenters in attendance will have the opportunity to explain their posters and interact with attendees in a series of Poster Presentation Sessions.
A committee made up of ALA and ICA officials will select the best 3 posters, taking into account a secret ballot of conference participants and a social media poll, and announce them at the Congress during Closing Plenary.
These posters will be posted on the web sites of ALA and the ICA, the two host organizations for the conference, for a period of three months following the conference. In addition, a small cash prize will be awarded to the winners, as follows:
1st place: 125 €
2nd place: 50 €
3rd place: 25 €
Poster topics
Posters may be about any topic relevant to the themes of the ALA-ICA Conference Archives, Citizenship and Interculturalism. The list of conference themes is here
The text of the poster must be in Spanish or English.
Who can participate?
In order to be eligible, applicants must be registered for and attend the ALA-ICA Conference in Mexico City In November 2017. Please be aware that New Professionals awarded with a mini-bursary to attend the Conference are eligible to join the Contest. You can apply for a mini-bursary here.
To join the Poster Contest, participants must:
Either be a member of ICA (paid up member or at least having applied for membership at the date of application), member of ALA, work for an institution with ICA membership or ALA membership, or be a trainee/student in an institution with ICA or ALA membership;
Have experience irrespective of age, including:
Post-secondary students of archival science or related disciplines (including individual ICA members, members of ALA and students of archives/records management schools which are ICA members or ALA members) whose work is related to archives;
Trainees in archives and records management (including individual ICA members and trainees in organisations which are ICA members or ALA members);
Qualified archivists and records managers with no working experience and who are individual members of ICA or ALA from private or public Latin-American archives who qualified after 1st December 2012;
Individuals who have started working, part-time or full-time, in a paid position, as an archivist or records manager, after 1 December 2012.

Have not previously received funding from the ICA, and
Come from/live in/work in any country in Latin America.
How to apply?
Applicants, or a group of up to 6 applicants, must submit their poster in electronic format by email at: programme@ica.org, with ICA LANP POSTER CONTEST SUBMISSION in the subject line.
The submission must include:
Full name of the author(s) and professional affiliation (if any)
Poster title
Poster description in a maximum of 250 words
Digital file in PDF format; poster must include the conference logo
Attestation that the applicant meets the eligibility criteria set out above in the section above entitled “Who can participate?”
The deadline for applications is 15/10/2017 at 23:59 CEST (Time in France). Late applications will not be assessed.
Any questions regarding the poster contest can be sent to programme@ica.org.
How will the selection be made?
From those submitted during the application period, 20 posters will be chosen by a Selection Committee made up of Latin American and Spanish-speaking archives professionals from ALA and ICA and displayed at the Conference. A ballot of conference participants will be held during the conference. A social media poll will also take place. These elements will be weighed alongside with the judgement of the committee.
Presenters must print their posters and bring them to the conference. Size of posters when printed must be no larger than 90 x 120 cm, displayed vertically.
Presenters will have an opportunity to explain their posters to the committee members and to interact with attendees.
A committee made up of ALA and ICA officials will select the best 3 posters, based on the following criteria: 
Research relevant to present challenges in the archival profession, including contributions linked to ALA or ICA projects
Relevance to the themes of the Conference
Contribution or link to the archival profession in the region
Appropriate approach and adherence to international standards of research
Quality and originality of content
Use of resources and proper source citation
Overall visual appeal
Verbal presentation of poster