The invitation to apply for Bursaries for the Seoul Congress September 2016 is now closed.
The results of the selection will be published on the website and on the Facebook page of the New Professionals the 10th April.
The International Council on Archives wants to engage future leaders, who will stimulate international engagement from and with their professional communities. To this end, the ICA has developed the New Professionals Programme and, as part of it, is funding bursaries to enable New Professionals to attend its Congress in Seoul, 5th September – 10th September 2016.
Please note that these bursaries are different from the assistance offered by ICA to members from low-resource environments. They apply to New Professionals from around the world, including Europe.
Invitación a postular a las Becas para el Congreso Seúl Septiembre 2016

Who is it for?
The New Professionals bursaries are aimed at ICA members with less than 5 years of experience, irrespective of age, including:
Students of archival science (including individual ICA members and students of archives/records management schools which are ICA members).
Trainees (including individual ICA members and trainees in organisations which are ICA members).
Qualified archivists with no working experience and who are individual members of ICA.
Individuals who have worked in archives and records management for less than 5 years (including individual ICA members and employees of organisations which are ICA members).
Please note that individuals or their institution must have membership at the time of applying for a bursary.

What does the bursary cover?
The Congress fee. The bursary holders must register in time to benefit from the early bird registration fee or pay the difference in the fee.
The cost of travel to Seoul and return home: public transports, train, economy flight ticket (lowest fare for period 2nd September to 10 September). Bursary holders are free to choose another option (different dates, different class, different flight plan), provided that they cover the fee difference.
Hotel nights for the time of the required presence in Seoul (Friday 2nd September 2016 – Saturday 10th September 2016). The hotel will be selected by ICA in order for all bursary holders to stay in the same place.
€100 for expenses on site (meals outside of the Congress, transports).
Applicants should be aware that all costs will have to be supported by the bursary holders and then claimed back.

All claims are to be written in euros and are to be presented with receipts for all expenses claimed. All refunds by ICA will be in euros.
All other expenses will be met by the bursary holders themselves.

What is expected from the bursary holders?
 In the months before the Congress: to be in touch with the Coordinator for the New Professionals Programme, to prepare the various aspects of their participation, to communicate on social media.
To be on site at the Congress and participate actively from Saturday 3rd 2016 to Friday 9th September 2016.
To run a conference session during the Congress, to be planned with the Coordinator.
To participate in and support the workshops.
To participate in communicating about the Congress on all appropriate media (Internet, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), in line with ICA communication strategy.
To attend the New Professionals event planned for the Congress.
To write an article for the ICA website, FLASH or other appropriate publication as required.
After the Congress: to develop a project using ICA tools and publications in their part of the world Or to participate to an ICA project, the NP network being a priority.

How to apply?
The bursary application form can be filled in on line:
Funding Request Form for the Seoul Congress September 2016

The applicants should pay particular attention in their responses to ICA expectations outlined above and detail how they intend to meet them.
The application must be supported by a referee, whose statement can be sent to
Deadline: Monday 29 February 2016. No late applications will be assessed.
Any questions or additional information can be sent to Cécile Fabris, coordinator for the New Professionals Programme (

How will the selection be made?
The selection will be made by a panel of representatives from the ICA Programme Commission.
Participants will be notified of the result of their application by the 10th April 2016. Candidates are advised to find out visa requirements prior to applying for funding to ensure that they are ready to complete the process as soon as possible should they be awarded a bursary.
The following criteria must be met:
              1.   The applicant is either
                     –     a member of ICA (paid up member or at least having applied for membership at the date of application),
                     –   or works for an institution with ICA membership, or is training or studying to become an archivist/records manager and is associated with an institution with ICA membership (institutional membership must be checked by the applicant and the registered name of the institution notified in the application).
Please be aware that being a member of a professional association which is a member of the ICA does not meet the criteria.
              2.   The applicant has less than 5 years professional experience.
              3.   The applicant has not previously received funding from the ICA.
              4.   No other person from the same organisation is receiving ICA funding for the Congress.
              5.   The applicant has enough English and/or French to benefit from the Congress sessions and to work in an international group.