We received 98 applications from 46 countries, from which 87 were eligible and were assessed by a group of PCOM members and New Professionals Programme Alumni.  
The assessment commenced in July, and went through two rounds before the final six were selected. The majority of applications were of a high quality and ranking them was a very difficult task.   
Priority was given to passionate new professionals, who are already informed about the New Professionals Programme, shared a strong interest in supporting the international new professional community, and who proposed projects that tied into the themes of the ICA Abu Dhabi 2020 Congress. Team spirit, commitment and focused ideas on what the New Professionals Programme can bring them and what they can bring to the Programme are also common qualities of the successful applicants. 
Our congratulations to the six Active New Professionals for 2020: 
Luz María Narbona, Chile 
Zoe Dickinson, US (originally from UK) 
Elisabeth Klindworth, Germany 
Francesca Mackenzie, UK 
Razan Ahmad, Jordan 
Makutla Mojapelo, South Africa 
ICA wishes to thank all the applicants and encourages them to engage with the New Professionals Programme and to reapply next year. 
If you would like to know more about the New Professionals Programme, how you can get involved without being an Active New Professional, and share information with your colleagues and friends, please visit our ICA New Professionals Projects and Resources page for two new posters and a brochure.