Dear SAR colleagues
The first meeting of the new Executive Committee (EC) of the Section of Architectural Records was held on 20 January 2022. Among its members, António Sousa was chosen as President of the Section, Susanna Kokkinen and Rocío Garcia-Raez as Vice-Presidents and Paulo Batista as Secretary. Yolanda Cagigas, Riccardo Domenichini, Catherine Maudet and Colum O’Riordan are the other members of the EC.
At the meeting, an analysis of the Section was made. Some issues were listed that could be the subject of the Section’s work, and activities identified that could be carried out with the limited resources at our disposal.
We will aim for more frequent communication between all members of the Section, seek to improve SAR information on the ICA website (, and develop participation in social media and promote debate, sharing of experiences and reflection on issues of interest to archival and document-management professionals and our institutions and services.
The EC will explore issues relating to the management of digital documents, calling for input from all section members.
The Section also maintains an interest in continuing the Architectural Archives Directory project as it constitutes a source of information and a useful working tool.
In addition, we ask you to share with us other issues and initiatives that might be developed within the Section’s activity.
Finally, we ask you to let us know what you are up to so that we can disseminate your activities and initiatives with the section and on its social networks.
Yours faithfully
António Sousa