There is one week left to apply for funding through the PCOM Call for Projects 2024! This funding is provided each year by the ICA’s Programme Commission to fund archives and records management projects that support ICA’s professional progamme, strategic objectives and business plan.  
Wondering what type of projects have been funded in the past?  
In 2023, 14 projects received funding, including an Archival Summer School for Ukraine, an International Directory on Sports Archives, What Does Diversity Mean to You? Workshops and more! 
In 2022, 12 projects were approved for funding, covering diverse topics such as Archival Legislation in Latin America, an Online Four-Week Foundational Course in Archives and Records Management for the Southeast Asian Archival Community, ICA SAHR Reference Library (Zotero), among others. 
If you have a project that you want to develop in 2024, now is the time to apply! Be sure to complete the application form through LimeSurvey. 
Further Information 
Do you have questions about the application process? If you missed yesterday’s Live Q&A session, the recording will soon be available on the ICA Youtube channel! 
If you have any questions, please contact 
Find all of the information about the PCOM Call for Projects 2024 here