Today we celebrate World Digital Preservation Day (WDPD)! This day is celebrated on the first Thursday of every November. The Digital Preservation Coalition, with whom we signed a friendship agreement in July 2023, is the organisation leading the way for this celebration, inviting “all data creators, archivists, curators, community members and digipres folk from around the world to celebrate digital preservation by participating in a whole day dedicated to all of the benefits and opportunities enabled by the hard work of our dynamic and collaborative community.” 
This year’s theme is “Digital Preservation: A Concerted Effort” and celebrates the positive impact digital preservation has had in another year where digital information and infrastructure have been so instrumental in supporting all parts of our global society. 
As part of the celebration of this day, we want to invite you to watch the recording of a webinar held by the ICA’s Section on Architectural Records (SAR) titled “Preserving Born-Digital Design and Construction Records: An introduction to the Digital Preservation Coalition Technology Watch Report by its authors”. In this session, Aliza Leventhal and Jody Thompson presented a high-level summary of their Digital Preservation Coalition Technology Watch Report, which is titled Preserving Born-Digital Design and Construction Records.