Training Programme

Aims and Objectives

ICA’s Training Programme aims to provide ICA members with high quality training opportunities across the full scope of archive and recordkeeping competencies via a range of delivery methods including online learning, face-to-face training and training trainers. The Training Programme is designed to work with the New Professionals Programme and the Africa Programme to reflect and address PCOM’s priorities for ICA’s professional expertise, support and development. The goals of the Programme are to:

  • Support the initial and continuing professional development of archivists and recordkeepers around the world
  • Build capacity in areas of the world where archival education and training needs strengthening
  • Identify and protect archives through awareness-raising and training
  • Ensure that the skills and competencies are in place for members to adhere to and exploit ICA standards, publications and tools


Pre-Launch of the ICA Online Training platform at the ICA Yaounde 2018 Conference

The ICA Training Programme team will be pre-launching the new Learning Management System at the forthcoming Annual Conference in Yaoundé

The LMS provides an online training environment for the international archives and records workforce.

Come and discover the ICA training platform for yourself during the Conference:

There will be a rolling demonstration session in the Complexe B room on Tuesday 27th November from  10:00 to 13:15 and there will be opportunities to try the system yourself or to have it demonstrated at the ICA booth throughout the conference.


If you need training, for yourself or for colleagues, but don’t have the means to travel, or if using your computer or mobile device to access training from home or work is more convenient and attractive to you, ICA will be offering online learning course from early 2019. ICA’s new Learning Management System will provide learners with access to affordable, high quality learning using your computer or mobile device.

A typical course will include:

  • Clearly defined learning outcomes
  • Full background notes
  • Presentations
  • Quizzes to test learning
  • Additional resources
  • User evaluations to provide feedback
  • Certificate of completion

Courses Catalog

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Organising Family Archives

This course explores taking care of family archives. It covers what they are, how to organise and list them, how to package and look after them so that they are properly preserved... Read more

Audience: General public

Price: Free Demo at the Yaounde Conference

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An Introduction to the UDA

The Universal Declaration on Archives is a key document for everyone involved in managing archives and records. It has the status of a founding document of the International Council on Archives, alongside the Constitution and is endorsed by UNESCO. Read more

Audience: General public

Price: Free Demo at the Yaounde Conference

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Digital Recordkeeping - Coming Soon

This course will cover all aspects of managing digital records with particular reference to preserving their integrity and accessibility over time.

Under construction
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Records Management

This will be a comprehensive course on managing records in all media.

Under construction
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Emergency Management and Disaster Planning - Coming Soon

This course will cover all aspects of prevention, preparedness, mitigation and recovery from disaster that threaten archives and records.

Under construction
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Arrangement and Description of Archives - Coming Soon

This will be a practical course covering the archival function of organising and documenting the archives and producing finding aids and metadata to support heir management and access over time.

Under construction