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Online Courses

Introduction to Records Management

visuel du cours de l'ICA :Introduction to records management

The course is intended for anyone who needs to learn the basic requirements for managing records in government, business or not-for-profit organisations to meet legal obligations and help protect the rights and entitlements of citizens, employees and stakeholders. It specifically aims at the beginner and intermediate levels of participant/practitioner as defined in the ICA Training Programme Subject Matter Framework.

Also available in French

Duration: 20 - 30h

Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Non-member rate: €100,00
Member rate: €80,00

Understanding and Using the UDA

visuel du cours de l'ICA :Understanding and using the UDA

This course is about the Universal Declaration on Archives, the story of how it came into being, what it is all about (including an introduction to the principles and concepts of archives and records management) and how it can be used for advocacy and evaluation work. It is intended for a wide audience, both those working in archives and records management and those with little or no knowledge of the field.

Also available in French

Duration: 10 - 20h

Level: Beginner

Special Offer: €50,00
Non-member rate: €100,00
Member rate: €80,00

Organising Family Archives

visuel du cours de l'ICA Organiser les archives familiales

The course is intended for the general public, no prior knowledge of using or working in archives is necessary. If you have collected or inherited papers and photographs that document your family and want to ensure that they can be understood and used by future generations, this is the course for you.

Also available in French

Duration: 6h

Level: Beginner

Special Offer: €50,00
Standard rate: €75,00

Managing Digital Archives

ICA course visual: Managing Digital Archives

This course provides a thorough grounding in the management of archives in digital formats. It covers the processes around managing them, from deciding what records to collect and keep, through taking them into custody and ingest, to description and metadata management, preservation techniques and access provision. It also includes management in the context of modern organisations to provide learners with skills and knowledge to influence stakeholders and ensure that digital archives are valued and resourced.

Also available in French

Duration: 60h

Level: Intermediate

Non-member rate: €255,00
Member rate: €189,00

Collection Care

ICA course visual: Collection Care

This course is about caring appropriately for physical, text-based archives to ensure their long-term preservation. It offers learners comprehensive and detailed instruction in caring for their archive collections and aims to provide the learner with the necessary knowledge and understanding to look after them and have the confidence and credibility to advocate for responsible and adequately resourced collection care.

Also available in French

Duration: 50h

Level: Beginner

Non-member rate: €205,00
Member rate: €139,00