Displaced Archives Survey

The Liverpool University Centre for Archive Studies is conducting an international survey on displaced archives on behalf of the ICA’s Expert Group on Shared Archival Heritage (EGSAH).

The survey repeats Leopold Auer’s survey of 1997/8, which concerned claims for the repatriation or copying of records removed from the places of their origin through conflict, decolonisation or the succession of states.

This survey is intended to gather up to date information on outstanding archival claims. The data will be used by the EGSAH to inform their work programme. We’d be grateful to receive responses by 15 January 2019.

(If more than one, please fill in this form for each claim)
Part 1 - Origins of the Claim
Part 2 - Type of Claim
In case of a complex claim, all three may apply, depending on the fonds / records concerned.
The definition of ‘joint heritage’ is: “Archive groups (fonds) resulting from the activities of administrations, functions of which are shared between two or more successor States may be declare ‘joint heritage’. Rights and responsibilities connected with the custody of and access to the joint archival heritage are to be specified in the agreement concluded on its establishment by the states concerned”.
Part 3 - The fonds involved in the claim
Part 4 - Copies
In some cases digitisation or microfilming may be instrumental in resolving a claim, but not all claims can be met in this way.
Part 5 - Claims for transfer of original documents
Part 6 - Measures that would aid a solution to the claim
Part 7- Supporting texts