Report on ICA’s Training and Online Learning Resources, Capacity and Aspirations

PCOM Online Learning Working Group | 6 July 2017

ICA has no coherent training policy or strategy in spite of the fact that a good proportion of its professional programme involves training delivery and/or the development and dissemination of tools that contribute towards the continuing professional development of the international archives and records management workforce and community. It is also true to say that many members and non-members expect ICA to deliver training. Moreover, in the second decade of the 21st century, ICA is not taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digital, online technology to deliver professional development, training and learning to its members and beyond.

The Vice President Programme tasked Margaret Crockett, Deputy Secretary General, with the formation of a Working Group on Online Learning (WGOL) to look into the possibilities and implications for ICA to create an online learning offering. The Terms of Reference of the Working Group can be found in Appendix A of this report. In the course of the work of the WGOL it became apparent that any online learning package needs to be created in the larger context of an ICA policy on training and there must be a strategic approach in order to ensure that the limited resources are used effectively, that ICA does not duplicate what other providers are already offering and to make the most capital out of the many existing ICA products. This will ensure that ICA is consolidating the wide range of significant training activity that already goes on within ICA.

This report therefore describes ICA’s current approach to training, gives a range of options for going forward, analyses some useful models and case studies for e- and onlinelearning and provides details of the necessary development and potential costs of creating an online training offering. There is also a draft training policy and suggested next steps.