ICA Executive Board Category “D” member at large 2022-2026   

  • Giovanni Michetti


1. Explanation Note 

The election was conducted in accordance with the Constitution which was approved by the Extraordinary General Assembly on 20 October 2021. Member at Large D is chosen from and amongst the Category D members in good standing, as defined under section 3.

If you have any questions regarding the balloting process, please contact Atakilty Assefa, Elections Officer ( atkilt2001@yahoo.com ).

2. Overall Results 


Sharon Alexander-Gooding 95 34,93%
Giovanni Michetti 126 46,32%
Adama Aly Pam 44 16,18%
Blank ballots 7 2,57%





The candidate elected will remain designated as “Category D member at large – Elect” until the entire nomination and election process is overseen by the Elections Officer and, finally, approved by the ICA Roma General Assembly (scheduled for the 21 September 2022).


3. Background 

2022 is the first year where a category D member at large is added to the ICA Executive Board after the changes made to the ICA constitution approved by the Extraordinary General Assembly held on 20 October 2021.  On 15 June 2022 the ICA put out a call for nominations with a closing date of 8 July 2022. At the end of the call for nominations we received three nominees for Executive Board Category “D” member at large 2022-2026.

The ICA then proceeded to call elections for the position of Executive Board Category “D” member at large. On 18 July 2022 a list of eligible members was posted on the ICA website. Category D members in good standing, including fellows of the ICA, had two balloting possibilities: paper and digital. ICA’s default position for balloting was digital.

Members wishing to vote by paper ballot had up to 22 July 2022 to make a written request via email to the Secretariat to allow both the sending and receiving of paper ballots in time for the final ballot count. All paper ballots had to be received by the ICA Secretariat by 29 July 2022 23:59, Paris time, for the ballot counting on 16 August 2022. Paper ballots could be submitted by post, fax and e-mail. No paper ballots were received for this election.

Elections closed on 12 August 2022 at 11:59 pm, Paris time, and the ballot counting was carried out on 16 August 2022 by a member of ECOM.