What you will find in this resource: 

These resources were developed as part of ICA’s “Collection Care” online learning course. They support the first section of the course which covers the terminology used in caring for archive collections and introduces the main challenges to managing the long-term preservation of the physical archives in our care. The resources consist of: 

  • Terminology & 10 agents Text 2023-03-16 
  • Collection Care Terminology 
  • 10 Agents of Deterioration Exercise Sheet for resource centre 
  • Collection Care Resources List 2023-03 

Note that these resources do not address the preservation and management of digital archives. Resources on digital records and archives management can be found here

Some of the aspects presented in those resources were discussed in the webinar “The 10 Agents of Deterioration: Addressing the core challenges of Collection Care” held on 27 March, that you can watch bellow:


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