“Transition is the word that best encapsulates 2022.” With this phrase, Josée Kirps, President of our association, opens the ICA Annual Report 2022, which today we are pleased to share with our members and the extended archival and the records management community.

This issue has some new features. First, we are delighted to be able to offer you a Spanish version. We have also redesigned the structure of the report to ensure continuity in the threads that, interwoven, created the events of 2022 and made it into a year of transition. In its five main sections, the report presents the highlights of a year in which the ICA membership hosted face-to-face encounters, held virtual conversations, and conducted joint efforts to strength our global professional network.

Precisely, one of the highlights of this report is a summary of the results of the different calls for nominations designed, staged and promoted last year to select new leaders for various ICA groups. Moreover, this report also describes the advocacy work led by the ICA and the commitment of the Council to support our colleagues in Ukraine.

In addition to this, the ICA Annual Report offers an overview of the ICA main events, including the ICA Roma 2022 Conference, and the virtual activities planned and hosted by the ICA professional sections, regional branches and expert groups.

2022 was definitely a year of changes but also a year of beginnings. Following Josée Kirps’ words stated in the introduction of this report,


(…) All I saw in 2022 has convinced me that the ICA is moving in the right direction in strengthening its commitment to better representing, advocating and connecting its members in a global ecosystem that calls for stronger voices and greater involvement. What we have accomplished in 2022 is just the start of a new chapter for ICA in the run up to our 75th Anniversary and our ICA Congress in Abu Dhabi. 2022 was about transition, 2023 will be about confirmation.



We invite you to take a look. Enjoy your read!

ICA - Annual Report 2022

ICA - International Council on Archives