CASE STUDY 5 - Fond Albert Uriac. By Fundación Vicente Ferrer (Spain)

Albert Uriach has been working in Barcelona as a professional photographer since 2001.The fond is composed of 780 images of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, a NGO which is carrying out development projects in India.


Decisions concerning the treatment of this fond, its specifications, and providing methodological criteria in the following ways:


1. When a lot of digital photographs in TIF format are received and it is necessary to make an appraisal in order to save disk space and guarantee the relevance of the results in the database.

2. When the archive works in a closer relation with a Communication Department, above all one of the Third Sector, and you need to build an efficient workflow.

3. To have a proactive archive focused on the dissemination and the exploitation of the photographic fond.

  • Case Study 5

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