How to add terms and/or languages ?

The first page you will see when you enter the site allows you to search for a term or part of a term, or view a list of all entered terms in one of the represented languages.

If you type a string of letters into the search box, the database will return all instances of terms that contain that particular string of letters. For example, if you type in “archive”, the following is a snapshot of some of the terms that are returned.

When you click on a term in a particular language, you will be directed to the definitions entered for that term. For example, choosing “custodial history” takes you to the following page:

Note: if you are not logged in with privileges to add to the database, you will not see “edit term”, “link definition”, or “edit” on your screen. [“edit term” and “edit” will not be available to everyone]
Look at the first definition. You will see a definition of the term, followed by the citation. 
Below the citation you see “Region”. This is an optional element that indicates particular regional usage for that definition. 
Region is followed by “Related”. This will indicate definitions in the same language from another source, or in different languages that are equivalent in meaning. These related terms may be, but usually are not, direct translations of the definition you are reading. This reflects the power of the database to link common concepts and definitions between languages. Please note – not all definitions have been linked to their equivalent definitions – this is your invitation to help build this database. If you have login access to this database, you can be part of this resource by linking definitions. 
Below “Related” is tracking information of who first entered the definition and when, and who last modified it and when.
For people with access privileges: please click on __ for instructions on entering terms, definitions, and comments. 
Order of definitions: The definitions appear in the order in which they were uploaded. There is no hierarchy or implied endorsement in the position of each definition in the list.