Elevator Pitch

Toolkit on holding an Elevator Pitch Workshop

SPA has developed a toolkit on holding an Elevator Pitch Workshop. This toolkit is a guide for anyone who would like to offer a workshop on the topic of Elevator Pitches. It's a tool for advocacy on archives and records management, a way to explain and communicate on a better way what our profession do and the value of archives.

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Workshop on Elevator Pitches in Mexico City 


Tuesday, November 28 2017
9:00 am until 1:00 pm
Main theme:    Advocacy: ICA Section of Professional Associations – SPA
Objective:    A hands-on workshop about writing and presenting an Elevator Pitch: an essential step to communicate the essence of our jobs, the services we provide and the value we bring.  
Event:    Perfecting your Elevator Pitch
Objective:    Facilitators will present the elevator pitch concept and its value. Five different speakers will give a sample pitch based on their own experience.  Participants will then break into small teams and be given a “real life” scenario; Each team will develop an elevator speech for that scenario and present the pitch to the full group. This format will be repeated with a second scenario. The workshop introduction will be given in English. But the team presentations may be given in English, French or Spanish.


Speakers:    Vilde Ronge, Chair of SPA – English
Marianne Hoiklev Tengs, Deputy Director General, The Norwegian Directorate of Health - English
Bert de Vries, Director General, City Archives of Amsterdam, The Netherlands - English
Joan Soler Jiménez, Director of Historical Archives of Terrassa, Barcelona -  Spanish
Becky Haglund Tousey, Consultant Archives and Content Management, USA – English
Sylvie Clair, Heritage General Curator, Director of the Archives of Marseille, France – French

Chairs:  To be announced – Spanish and French
Becky Haglund Tousey, Vice-President of SPA – English

In addidtion the following SPA Steering Committee  participated: Bettina Joergens (Germany), Eugenio Bustos Ruz (Chile), Michal Henkin (Israel) and Pierre-Frédéric Brau (France)