ICA celebrates the 2012 London Olympic Games with the London Metropolitan Archives

Sporting Cities has been created by the London Metropolitan Archives to stand as a lasting cultural legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games.

The main aim of the site is to provide information on the whereabouts of original archival material relating to each Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games of the modern era. In most cases there is no single archive which records all aspects of the Olympic Games hosted by a particular city. Information can be spread across several institutions – documents relating to the bid to host the games are usually held in the National Archives while records covering the preparations for the Games themselves, including improvement of infrastructure, are held in the city’s own metropolitan or regional archives. There may also be other repositories involved – specialist sports museums, photographic archives, even company archives of construction companies responsible for Olympic buildings. Sporting Cities aims to build as complete a picture as possible of the archival material available for each Games.
The project is funded by the City of London Corporation and has been endorsed by ICA/PCOM.

Visit the Sporting Cities website at http://www.sportingcities.org/

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