Indexes and Topics to Human Right related News

Trudy Huskamp Peterson
Date Added:
05 January 2020

Introduction to SAHR Indexes

The indexes to the SAHR News (prior to 2019-10 the HRWG News) provide a list of each item reported and the date of the issue in which it appeared. The list does not usually include the source of the item, with the exception of some NGO reports which identify the NGO by name. Items are listed under the topic heading (business records, climate, environment, privacy, etc.) under which they appeared.

If you are not looking for a topic, the best way to search the index is by proper noun, such as the name of a person or country or business. This will find an item no matter which heading it is listed under; for example, Syria will be found under Syria or under Middle East wars or under a UN heading.  

All items referenced can be found here.

However, any items that were issued in a supplement (supp.) may be found, in English only here.