Media Kit #75YearsICA

Throughout 2023, our social media campaign will focus on #75YearsICA and how we have built a global community of #ArchivesUnited over these last 75 years. To reflect this, we invite our members and extended community to use these hashtags in their preferred social media accounts, and to add photos, testimonies, videos or/and archival documents that present highlights and milestones of their roles (or their institutional roles) as part of this community of #ArchivesUnited. We ask you to think about your posts in the three following categories: major events, leadership, and global presence.  

Check out our Trello board to download quote cards, posters, videos and banners to celebrate with the archival community #75YearsICA of international influence, #75YearsICA of building a global community of #ArchivesUnited, and #75YearsICA of future collaborations to advocate on the impact of the archival sector in contemporary societies! 

These designs can be used for: 

  • Sharing quotes from your colleagues about their role (or your institution role) as part of this community of #ArchivesUnited. 
  • Sharing your #IAW2023 programming with your audiences. 
  • Presenting archival documents about the history of your institution within international cooperation projects. 
  • Displaying major events or projects that have impacted the archival global community. 
  • And more! 

For more information on #IAW2023 or #ArchivesUnited, contact us at