Ministry of Culture of Spain

This year, the host institution which organizes the Annual Conference of International Council on Archives, CITRA, is the Ministry of Culture of Spain through the State Archives Department (Subdirección General de los Archivos Estatales).

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The action of the Ministry of Culture is not only based on the conservation of Spanish Documentary Heritage, but also revolves around three central themes: the acknowledgement of cultural diversity, the strengthening of co-operation and the consideration of culture as a tool for economic development and social cohesion.
These are the objectives that inspire the department's work, focused on the following lines of action: from electronic administration and the Information Society to performing arts, music, libraries, film, cultural co-operation, foundations, museums, intellectual property and archives.

On the theme of archives, the Ministry of Culture works primarily in three main areas. The first one is the conservation of our documentary heritage; the second one is the national and international promotion of the documentary heritage and the Archives; and the third focuses on training and technical assistance and co-ordination and participation in different professional forums.

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