Launching the project

The project began with a core set of 320 English terms based on previous ICA dictionaries and InterPARES glossaries, chosen by the Project Director and approved by the ICA SAE. The initial work of translation was done by a team that consisted of graduate students (master’s and PhD level) at the University of British Columbia’s School of Archival, Library and Information Studies, expert practitioners and interns from several national archives, and archival scholars from leading universities. Definitions were drawn from standard authorities in each language, where such authorities existed, and from common practice. Citations identify the source of each definition.

The choice of languages reflects the human resources available to the team at the time of translation, and is indicative of the high degree of international participation and cooperation. More languages are planned for inclusion in the future, and the database is capable of accommodating any new language at any time.

Project Original Contributors

Project Coordination

  • Dr. Luciana Duranti, University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada, Project Director
  • Corinne Rogers, PhD, UBC, Canada, Project Coordinator
  • Giorgio Mammarella, Database Designer, Vancouver, B.C. Canada



Miguel Serra, University of Girona, Spain


  • Dr. Sherry Xie, UBC
  • Dr. Weiwei Song, Nankai University, China
  • Dr. Jian Wang, Renmin University, China
  • Dr. HuiLing Feng, Remnin University, China
  • Dr. Ling-Qin Ma, Renmin University, China 


  • Dr. Hrvoje Stancic, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • Marta Mihaljevic, MSc student, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • Dr. Milica Mihaljevic, Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics, Croatia


  • Anneleen van Dijk, MAS, UBC 
  • Dr. Agnes Jonker, Archiefschool, Netherlands


  • Megan Malachewsky, MAS/MLIS, UBC
  • Jade Guan, MAS, UBC
  • Myron Groover, MAS/MLIS, UBC
  • Corinne Rogers, PhD, UBC
  • Dr. Luciana Duranti, UBC
  • Adrian Cunningham, Queensland State Archives, Australia
  • Dr. Geoffrey Yeo, University College London, United Kingdom


  • Jaana Kilkki, National Archives of Finland
  • Olga Sevchuk, National Archives of Finland


  • Amanda Tomé, Concordia University Libraries, Montreal
  • Roland Kiper, PhD student, University of Wroclaw, Poland
  • Marie-Anne Chabin, Archive 17, Paris


  • Michael Grutchfield, MAS, UBC
  • Isabel Taylor, MAS, UBC
  • Kristof Kessler, MLIS, UBC
  • Dr. Karsten Uhde, Archiveschule, Marburg, Germany


  • Georgia Barlaoura, MAS, UBC 
  • Dr. Marietta Minotos, National Archives of Greece


  • Sara Cocucci, MAS, UBC
  • Dr. Mariella Guercio, University of Roma, Italy
  • Dr. Giorgetta Bonfiglio, University of Padua, Italy


  • Hirooki Hosaka, Gakushuin University, Tokyo, Japan
  • Dr. Masahito Ando, Gakushuin University, Tokyo, Japan


Roland Kiper, PhD student, University of Wroclaw, Poland


  • Claudia Carvalho Masset Lacombe Rocha, Arquivo Nacional, Brazil
  • José Marcio Batista Rangel, Arquivo Nacional, Brazil
  • Vitor Manoel Marques Fonseca, Arquivo Nacional, Brazil 
  • Silvia Ninita de Moura Estevão, , Arquivo Nacional, Brazil 
  • Cristina Ruth Santos, , Arquivo Nacional, Brazil 
  • Carlos Augusto Silva Ditadi, Arquivo Nacional, Brazil 
  • Brenda Brito Rocco, Arquivo Nacional, Brazil 
  • Carolina de Oliveira, Arquivo Nacional, Brazil 
  • Rosely Rondinelli, Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa, Brazil


  • Harkaran Singh Bajwa, MAS/MLIS, UBC


  • Sergey Kovynev, MAS, UBC 
  • Dr. Natasha Khramtsovskaya, Electronic Office Systems, Moscow, Russia
  • Dr. Sergey V. Silkov, Union of Lawyers and Russian Records Managers’ Guild, Belarus
  • D. Litt Sergey Kushneruk, Dept. of Documentary Linguistics, Volgograd State University, Russia


  • Gabriela Andaur, MAS, UBC
  • Alicia Barnard, Archival Consultant, Mexico
  • Dr. Anna Szlejcher, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina
  • Dr. Juan Voutssas, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico


  • Jana Grazley, MAS/MLIS, UBC
  • Proscovia Svärd, PhD Candidate, MidSweden University
  • Dr. Karen Anderson, Mid-Sweden University, Sweden