Best practices Guide for establishing a permanent observatory for archives and local televisions 

The best practices guide was created to systematise all of the work carried out thus far by the Permanent Observatory for Archives and Local Televisions. The idea was to go beyond the particular needs of Catalonia and Andorra, and take a more generic approach to realities that may exist elsewhere. 

It has been published in 4 languages: English, French, Catalan and Spanish. There is also a reduced version in Arabic, Russian, Hindu and Japanese.  


A Permanent Observatory for Archives and Local Televisions (abbreviated OPATL in Catalan) is an ongoing joint project of several organisations and institutions whose mission is to safeguard the preservation of part of our documentary heritage generated in the context of local televisions and other producers of local audiovisual documentation, while establishing the methodological bases for working in audiovisual archives, promoting knowledge about and use of new technologies, encouraging best practices and respect for intellectual property rights, contributing to training for professionals and awareness among Civil service and society at large about the richness of local audiovisual heritage and the need to preserve it.