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From paper to digital, how are you designing your archives for the 21st century? Let’s challenge what people think we do!

Help us tell the world what archives in the 21st Century are about!

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Editorial charter

We invite you to take part to the International Archives Week 2019 on the theme « Designing your archives in the 21st Century »  

Each article should have :

  • a title, if possible short, evocative, attractive and synthetic, which focuses on the subject
  • The text between 300 - 400 words should be in English or French
  • A signature including the name and surname of the editor, his/her function and possibly a contact (email address).
  • A 400 x 400 photograph of the author, to accompany and to be reproduced as a vignette to "customize" the article
  • Ideally an illustration, of good artistic and high technical quality, jpeg format with a minimum weight of 1MB. These may be drawings or color photographs. Images must be captioned and credited