Specialist Subjects


Find bellow a list of resources from FPA (Forum of Professional Associations):

 Manual for Association Management

 Guidelines for the Establishment of a Professional Association

 The SPA-EURBICA handbook on competencies 

 Toolkit on holding an Elevator Pitch Workshop

 Directory: Professional Associations through the world

 SPA brochure on Advocacy

 Advocacy and promotion activities for professional associations

 SPA Report on Competency Accreditation Certification

 Establishing a Records Management Program - Guidelines for Professional Associations

 Establishing a Mentoring Program

 Conducting Elections - Guidelines for Associations

 Guidelines for Developing a Retention Schedule for Professional Associations, including a Model Retention Schedule

 Guidelines for Organising Regional Meetings and Conferences

 Guidelines for Organising Conferences

 Organising Training Workshops and Seminars: Guidelines for Professional Associations

 Developing an Association Awards Program

Find more resources here, on the FPA dedicated pages


Find bellow a list of resources from SLA (Section on Literary and Artistic Archives):

 Summary of all SLA projects

 World-Wide Directory of Repositories holding Archives of Literature & Art

 Directory: Literary Manuscripts outside the Home Country

Find more resources here, on the SLA dedicated pages


Find bellow a list of resources from SPP (Section for archives of parliaments and political parties):

 List of SPP publications 

 ICA Study n°14: General Guidelines for Drafting of Regulations on Parliamentary Archives

Find more resources here, on the SPP dedicated pages


Find bellow a list of resources from SAHR (Section on Archives and Human Rights):

 Basic Principles on the role of Archivists and Records Managers in support of Human Rights

Archival Policies in the Protection of Human Rights

 The Universal Declaration of Human Rights An Archival Commentary

Find more publications here, on the SAHR dedicated pages


Find bellow a list of resources from SUV (Section on University and Research Institution Archives):

 Guidelines on appraisal and disposition of student records

 Management and Preservation of Scientific Records and Data 

Find more publications here, on the SUV dedicated pages


Find bellow a list of resources from SBA (Section on Buissness Archives):

 Business Archives in International Comparison (3rd Edition) 

 Business Archives in International Comparison 

Find more resources here, on the SBA dedicated pages


Find bellow a list of resources from SAR (Section on Architectural Archives):

 A guide to the archival care of architectural records 19th-20th centuries

Find more resources here, on the SAR dedicated pages


Find bellow a list of resources from SLMT (Section of Local, Municipal and Territorial Archives):

 Practical guide to municipal archives


Find bellow a list of resources from SAE (Section for Archival Education and Training):

 Understanding the international landscape of trauma and archives - Report