SUV Projects

Ongoing projects

The ICA-SUV Reading Group

The ICA-SUV Reading Group, which launched in June 2020, seeks to virtually bring together archivists and record managers from all over the world to discuss once a month a journal article or a news item about recordkeeping. It is intended to be an exchange of ideas, perspectives and opinions in a convivial setting.

The ICA-SUV archives

The ICA-SUV archives is an ongoing project with a goal to organise and maintain the archives of the section as our committment to good and responsible recordkeeping and our accountability to the society at large. We are still in the process of collecting records and filling in the gaps. If you have records of the section that you would like to share with us, please contact the ICA-SUV Bureau members who are working on this project: Brad Bauer ( and Maryna Cherrnyavska (

30th Anniversary Commemorative E-Publication

To commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Section on University and Research Institution Archives (SUV) the Executive Bureau is planning an E-Publication showcasing the institutional collections of our members. This publication will be:

  • serving and commemorating this 30-year milestone of the establishment of SUV;
  • connecting our SUV Members by promoting their selected archival materials which are significant to their own institutions;
  • used as an outreach platform for sharing archival knowledge and institutional histories within our Section, and;
  • providing our members the opportunities to showcase their archival collections to wider audience inside and outside of ICA.

We would like you to choose an item that it significant to your archive and send us a short description and image. Please find below an example of a short article presenting one of the foundation documents kept by University Archives of The University of Hong Kong. It presents the origin, provenance and significance of this record and how it is important to the University.

We are calling for submissions by 30 September and hoping to complete the production of the e-publication later in the fall. Submissions should be sent to Garfield Lam at, or please email if you have further questions.

We look forward to hearing your stories and receiving your submissions! Please note that all submissions should include photographs of the materials and all copyrights of the images should be cleared and properly cited at the time of submission.


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