ICA Professional Sections


A core benefit of ICA membership is involvement with a Section. Each Section specialises in an area of professional practice and there are currently 12 Sections covering issues as diverse as archival education and business archives.

The purpose of Sections is to encourage debate, stimulate research and develop solutions for key archive issues. Sections present papers and author numerous articles to disseminate their findings throughout the archival profession.

As member of a Section you can participate in its debates and undertake research in collaboration with other section members. You will also receive useful information such as research findings, proceedings from meetings and advance notice of publications. Of course, you can also take on a formal role within the Section and have the opportunity to get closely involved in the Section's work.    


Membership of a Section is open to all members, institutional and individual. You can join up to two (2) sections and membership is free. To join a section, please contact us at members@ica.org.

To learn more about the individual sections and see a full list of the sections click here.

Each Section draws up its own programme of activities in co-operation with the ICA's Programme Commission. Sections do hold regular meetings and have a strong presence at the International Congress.